Monday, February 25, 2013


I think I am a little behind on posting my Daily's.
Some weeks are just busier than others.
This spread started out with the butterflies.
I wasn't liking it though.
I almost gessoed over the whole thing to start over...
But I thought what the heck,
not every page will be a masterpiece,
and kept on going. 

Then I worked on some Matisse inspired art work.
I Love these!
The painting is Matisse's The Green Line, Portrait of Madame Matisse.
It is done with markers and pens.  
Madame Matisse
my self portrait interpretation


This was also inspired by a Matisse painting,
or a small part of the painting...
The Egyptian Curtain

I'm not sure why I liked this painting so much.
I am just a pattern and design gal
and somehow this attracted me. 

Here I was just looking for something simple to do
while watching tv with my husband. 

 It was my mom's birthday.
We celebrated last Sunday at the B-Spot in Strongsville.

 Happy Days.
Grateful for so much.
I slipped Pablo into the back of my Daily.
I am looking forward to seeing who the next
Master Artist will be for March.
Be Brave my Friends.


  1. Wow, this journal is just amazing. Your portraits, your doodles, all of it. Marvelous. xox

  2. I LOVE that I knew it was you in the self portrait!! Your color choices are remarkable, and MY WORD. The portrait of Picasso is stunning.

  3. I am SO glad you didn't gesso over your butterflies!!!! Your Matisse work--WOW! Your self-portrait is AWESOME and looks like you!!!! Something I don't think I could accomplish. You will have to tell me more about this! As usual--spending many minutes just amazed by your work--LOVE YOU!!!