Friday, February 15, 2013

Daily... Plus

Here are my recent Daily entries.
I love this color combo.
But then anything with the blue-y turquoises is alright by me!
The whole page started with those leaves on the edge. 

I did a lot of writing here...
So moving on....
I was looking through one of my new Dover books
on Henna tatoos.
Lots of ideas there! 

And this Red and Brown combo totally caught my interest for a few days!

Since I got the Valentine's Day red out of my system....
I was wanting to do something in yellows.
I am on the ArtJournaling.ning site.
I have not discovered everything they have to offer...
but I joined a group called the Modern Masters Challenge!
Each month they focus on a different artist
 and the members make pages and artwork 
 inspired by that particular master.
A challenging concept.
There is some great work being shared!
January's Master Artist was Gustav Klimt.
And since I didn't join the group til Feb.
I still played with Klimt in a few ways.

This is a glimpse of a part of his 1902
Beethoven Frieze. 

I love the way Klimt used patterns.
Wild, Crazy patterns.
This lady is inspired by a 1907 painting,
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

Incorporating a style of a Master Artist
into my Daily was very challenging.
Really hard.
But this has become one of my all time favorite spreads!
I'll do more of this in the future I think.
I also love Klimt's style of trees.
I made a couple of small canvases recently.... 
This one is hanging up in my studio.
I love it! 

I am giving this one as a gift.
February's Master Artist is Henri Matisse.  
This is in the style of his portrait of Lydia.
I have more to discover of this artist.
There are so many possibilities out there!


  1. Wow, such wonderful pages. I love all the intricate details and the fabulous colours. So glad I visited!

  2. Simply marvelous....inspiring doodles and illustrations. xox

  3. I belong to the group too. I hope you post some of your work there - you will be an encouragement for sure. You have done wonderful work with Klimt and Matisse. One of the things I have appreciated about both these masters is their skill with color. In fact I can't tell you how long it was before I even really looked at faces in Klimt's work because I was entranced with his color. You do him proud.

  4. WOW!!! you Dailys are AMAZING!!!! LOVE all the details and long does it take you to make them???
    And your quilts are a Beautiful work of art, totaly amazing also!!! I don`t know how I found your blog but I`m super HAPPY I did, I`ll be visiting often to see your wonderful word...Have a great sunday!!!

  5. Holy moly, these are incredible!! I'll have to wander over to the links you have provided. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  6. I love your daily pages! Beautiful colours, drawings, doodles, design.. so very eyecatchingly beautiful!!

  7. I am in the Ning group to. Just joined in February! I find some of Klimt's sketches more appealing than His finished work. Matisse! Always a study. You know He was a lawyer. Your work is wonderful. Never looked at the Dover Henna tatoos. Will check it out. Beautiful sketch book! What brand are you using. Most inspiring!

  8. Seriously sitting here is awe....each creation better than the next. The Modern Masters work amazing! You incorporated it so beautiful into your daily. Love you!!!

  9. I get so excited each time I find another journaling sister. Your journal pages are amazing . . .
    wait I meant to say, AMAZING!!!
    I love your style . . . You have a very exceptional blog,
    and an incredible talent. Just Beautiful!
    I am your newest follower # 19.
    Please come over and follow me back.
    I have a Give-away going on,
    and today is the last day to enter . . .
    I would be honored to have you as a follower and new friend.
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)