Friday, February 1, 2013

Art Journal Every Day

Greetings on this sunshiny day in Ohio!
We have had a variety of weather the last week.
Sunshine-60 degree temps-gentle rain-fog-fierce winds-icy rain-blizzards-freezing temps
Yes. All in one week.
I must have been wanting the tropics with the way I started this spread! 

And then I wanted to try something different.
I don't think I've ever done a purple and yellow page...

It started simply with the roller coaster hill and purple and yellow words
and grew from there. 

I was thinking of Shelly when I did my arrow....
What got me going with a teal and red page was my two favorite pens.
The red is a SARASA from Zebra.
The teal is a Pilot G-2.
(bought at Walmart believe it or not!)
They flow so smoothly and I love the colors. 
I also used some Marvy Le Plume markers.
(50% off with coupon at Joann ETC...)

I want to document my life through AJED
and so I include things like birthdays and trivia and stories.
Up there on the 26th it says
 'on this date in 1978 we had 2 feet of snow...'
Here on January 30th it says
'Charlotte Kramer Thrush -born Jan.30,1909.
TODAY would be my Grandma's 104th Birthday'
sigh.....I miss both my grandmas. 
And I can't miss Kris' Birthday!
She gets a cupcake!

I love how this corner cam out!

My borders remind me of green olives with pimentos.
And this brings us to today, Feb. 1, 2013.
New Day New Month 
Love This Day!
Have a good one!
Be Brave!


  1. oh I adore your journal pages!! Love the colors, as I am trying to survive the gray winter days in Ohio too...but, the days are getting longer again so even though it's snowing like crazy I am looking forward to Spring! Your bright pages perked up my day...

  2. Once again SO much to look at and LOVE! I love the colors in day 27 so bright and happy! I love that you are documenting those little trivia and story parts--so important :)

  3. You BLOW ME AWAY! and looking at your journal is giving me courage to attempt my