Friday, January 25, 2013

Life Book Week 4

Dion Dior gave the lesson this week titled
Scales of Light.
It was a really interesting exercise
using white pencil or chalk on black paper or cardstock.
The only cardstock I had was textured....
but I went with it anyways.
I liked my white Berol Prismacolor pencil on this project.

I had my hand drawn on the paper and was shading it
as I was thinking what I would be reaching for or towards.
This became another very introspective lesson.
I know the greatest peace I have is when I am walking with God.
But how was I to convey that?
With a big ball of light?
A floating mandala?
A star?
Ah...yes ... getting closer....
Stars. The heavens.
I have a great sense of wonder and awe as I look into the skies.
Since moving into rural the middle of nowhere...
the skies are wide open and massive.
Forget Big Sky Montana...
I live in Big Sky Ohio!


But how could I convey the awesomeness of the heavens
on this small piece of paper?
My mind drifted to that Vincent Van Gogh masterpiece, 
The Starry Night.
I already knew it couldn't stay black and white if I did this right....
And I am not saying I did it any kind of justice....
but it was fun to interpret it, simply, in my own way.

So this is what I am reaching for...
The wonder and the majesty of God in the heavens.
Wow. That can be enough right there.
That's why I made an upward arrow in my palm
saying See What's Most Important.
But I am also reaching for creative freedom,
represented by Van Gogh's creative genius.
I ended up really liking this lesson.
It came from my heart.
Be Brave and Become
Who You Are Meant To Be.


  1. WOW! I have no other word right now... Just WOW! (sigh) and a heartfelt Thank-you! to you and to Him and to becoming...

  2. Bellissima interpretazione di Van Gogh!

  3. Be Brave and Become Who You Are Meant To Be. know where those words are going :) This is really amazing Janet. Not just the artwork. The thoughts that went into it. You got great shading in your black and white but what draws me in so much is the color. There is so much movement and feeling in it--truly.

  4. Love it. Reach HIGH, my friend!

  5. Thanks for the visit. This is an amazing piece you did for that Dior Dior page....I am in awe, I have yet to attempt it it seems so not me....WOW. xox