Sunday, February 10, 2013

Life Book Lesson 5

In the last week of January came Life Book Lesson 5.
It ended our month's theme of Celebration and Journey.
The project was a Game Piece & Game Board
presented by Kelly Hoernig.
It was lots of fun to do but took lots of thought.
It was meant to give us steps and direction towards our goals...
That's how I interpreted it anyways!
I chose this woman archer to symbolize me.
Not just because I liked that vintage figure,
but also because she is a proficient marksman.
She is aiming her sights at reaching her goals.
Look at her concentration!
She is hitting her bullseye.

I included detours of the wrong kind.
The ones that if I am not careful will take me off my path.

Stay on your own path.
Follow your own arrow.
Be who you are.

I didn't make the cards that went along with this lesson.
They just didn't fit into my art.
But I will keep the idea in mind.
I was thinking a pocket on the end inside cover 
that I can slip my Truth Cards into..
or my Goal Cards... as Kelly called them.
It was a good lesson.
Another thinker.
But art can be therapy...
so it's all good!


  1. this is simply marvelous. I can feel your strength of conviction.!!! xox

  2. You totally made this your own Janet. I sort of like that you didn't add the cards--you already put so much thought into your page I don't think they were needed. The use of the marks"woman" was pure genius and PERFECT for this assignment!

  3. I love the colours and backgrounds in these pages. So much detail!
    Also, just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Pop on over to my blog to see the details :)
    Tracy (