Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life Book Lesson 6

Lesson 6 was presented by the lovely and creative
(and British) Tamara Laporte.
I could listen to her lovely English accent all day!
This month starts the theme of Celebration & Courage
and was to include a fully drawn body.
I went with the interpretation of
...'Look how Far you've come, you Wild and Beautiful Soul'...
A Real Celebration!
Well this was the toughest one so far.
I just can't picture what animal would represent me.
I don't look for comfort and strength from animals.
I see owls symbolizing wisdom....
Dogs as companionship...
Cats as independent....

I ended up using a phoenix rising from the ashes!

One technique that was shown to us was using a template and spray inks.
The first bird I used just wasn't working out.
It was too large and flimsy...
not stencil worthy at all.
The smaller stencil worked better.  
My favorite thing about the whole page is the dancing girl.
Tam's example in the lesson was a girl jumping off the cliff...
I could only see a celebration of DANCE!
That was the first word on my page....

I don't really care for how the whole spread turned out.
It's very therapeutic...
Very meaningful...
But not how I thought it would turn out.
But then I had a hard time visualizing it from the start.
Sometimes they click and sometimes they don't.
I am Still loving each lesson and what it is doing for me! 
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


  1. This is awesome Janet!!!! So much symbolism in it AND I think that your dancing girl looks VERY similar to you except we can't see your beautiful face!

  2. Mom! I think it's beautiful! Even if it didn't fall perfectly onto the page... sometimes life just doesn't do that. :)

    I agree... your dancing girl looks a bit like you! Except you always wear flat shoes, not heels, lol.

    Love you! xoxoxo Amy