Thursday, March 21, 2013




From the beginning of my Dailies....
If I didn't know what to start with...
Then I traced my hands and went from there.
I turned to this page and went...uhhhhh.
So I traced my hands.
I have hands pages in every Journal I own!
And they all turn out different. 

Congratulations to my son in law Peter! This was a big deal! Yay!

These pages started with two New York Beauty quilt block stickers.
I made a New York Beauty quilt in this last decade and I absolutely Love them.
It is just a classic design.

This spread is kind of inspired by some Picasso works I was browsing through.


I wanted to go back to some of my own classic designs.
I leafed through some of my past dailies
and saw many medallions littered through the pages.


The last page of my Daily.
Time to move on to book number seven.
Here's to Spring.
New Life. New Growth.
Inside and Outside.


  1. AMAZING pages!!! Love all the detail and color... What markers or pens do you use????

  2. WOW WOW WOW I saw this idea on Julie's site but to see it in action - and I am so glad you showed all the pics. You are so impressive for doing this! The henna-ed hand (your hand) is gorgeous. You zentangle beautifully. Truly. And the other faces are very isis like. I love what you have done with color. You make me want to do this. Maybe April....Oy....I am also taking Soul Restoration and Tam's 2013 class! But I see your fantastic Art and commitment. Was it fun? What did you learn/change/insight. That will make all the diff to whether I do it or not. Thanks so much for sharing so much of your personal process here. Happy Balzer-ing! Lovies, Samara

    1. Hi Samara! You have so many great questions and your kind words are so nice! Thank you! You are Right! I LOVE doing this! It totally suits me and this art journey I am on! Fun Fun Fun! I keep my supplies set out on my art table and do whatever inspires me whenever I have a few minutes or a few hours. It is totally freeing. I am starting to find my voice. There is SO much I have learned and AM learning. I think I finally think of myself as an artist! I did Soul Restoration last year (fabulous) and am currently loving Lifebook 2013. Happy Balzer-ing to you too!

  3. Wow, is right! Your pages are beautiful. I love all the bright colors. I also like how you photographed your pages so we can see the details but kept your journaling private.

  4. you are unbelievable! your style is fab! so much detail, I love it!!!!!

  5. Oh my word. I LOVE the hand with all the doodles on it. It reminds me of the women in India and their henna tattoos!
    Fabulous stuff, my friend-you are always inspiring to me.

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