Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dalinian Glimpses

The Master Artist for March is Salvadore Dali.

The page above is from my sketchbook in the mid 70's.
End of high school/early college.
There used to be a Salvadore Dali museum in a warehouse in Beechwood, Ohio.
There was a businessman there who collected Dali's art
and displayed the large collection there.
It was only open a few days a week and you needed to make an appointment.
My high school 'Art Club' did field trips there.
Dali always fascinated me.
 He did some weird stuff.

 I enjoyed looking back at his art work
and reading about the (new) Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.
At some point the businessman from Beechwood moved down to Florida.
 He took his Dali art with him and built a full fledged museum to display it all.
Maybe some day I'll go down there and see it again.
It was fun doing something different.
I can't wait to see who the Master Artist will be in April.
The Modern Masters Challenge is on this site:


  1. Love seeing your sketches, my friend! You are learning so much. I'm so glad you are sharing it with us.

  2. Your drawings from your sketchbook are really wonderful!