Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life Book Week 11

Week 11 was kind of fun.
Mitsi B (Michelle Kral) was our guide.
The title of the lesson was 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly'
She gave us a really funny video to start the project!
The idea of the lesson is accepting (and connecting with)
the ugly side of me. My bad side. My weak side.
I actually did many progress photos.
So I'll take you through it.


 First I oozed on acrylic paints, SU ink drips and gelato scribbles. 
I sprayed water on and mushed it around.
I did that a few times till I liked it.

 I did the drip thing with the Stampin Up inks.
Did some stencils, stamped some circles with a cardboard tube.

 I wrote some opposite words.
Broken - Whole
Weak - Strong
And more....
I watered it all down.

 And then I wrote-
Love me? Love my ugly.
Two halves make a whole.
Love All of me.
Then I dripped more and colored more
and smeared the words around.

I stamped the little polky dots with Stazon Ink.
It made a nice background.
And then I used an empty cardboard washi tape circle
and black acrylics to stamp bigger circles.

It was time for the monsters.
MY monsters.
I used gelatos and Neocolor II's for more transparency.

Then more words and some tapes,
and I decided I was done.
 I was trying to make it all ugly.
It is almost too cartoony.
But I like it! 
 Love me...Love my ugly.
Here is a link to Mitsi B's site.

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