Monday, April 8, 2013


 Whenever I travel, I pack an art bag. I fill it with pens and markers, sometimes my Neocolor II's and brushes, or whatever I feel inspired to bring along. This Easter was no exception. I spent some time coloring and doodling while family members chatted and watched basketball.

I had thought I might write more in my Daily for Easter Sunday... but no. So I cut out the easter eggs from the napkins at dinner and mod podged them to the side of the spread. It's no masterpiece but I am okay with that.


My niece Kelly came to visit for a couple nights.
She is a teacher near Columbus
and her sweet husband arranged his work schedule
so she could have some time away from the kids over her spring break.
She began making a Daily after she saw mine at Christmas.
It is a true compliment that she does this
and I am thrilled we share art together. 

Kelly is on her Daily #2.
I showed her how I did my Daily Covers,
we did some quirky birds.
We went shopping and out to lunch.
We got our hands full of paint
and generally had a wonderful time!

My interpretation is on top, Kelly's are on the bottom.

My Niece Kelly made some fun and quirky birds with me!
I wish you could see how this page shimmers and shines.
I used Kelly's Twinkling H2O's.
I need to get those!
They have a beautiful twinkle and finish!
...On My List!
Happy Spring! xo


  1. I adore your work, the color, the pages, the detail. What kind of journal do you use for your daily work, like the one with the easter eggs in in it? LOVE LOVE LOVE

    1. Hi Cindy. Thanks for the nice compliments! I use a Moleskine 5x8 watercolor journal. I love that it opens up landscape style. Any journal with thick paper would have worked but this is the one I started with and will probably stay with. I have other journals for other projects. Thanks!