Thursday, April 11, 2013

Life Book #12

Here is my Life Book project from the third week of March.
It was taught by Mindy Lacefield
and the theme was Celebration and Connection.

This was a really interesting lesson.
I realize that I try too hard to be realistic.
I understand that is part of  'Finding My Voice' in art.
And I really wasn't satisfied with my two little people.
Shading faces is Hard!

So I went from this....
To a page in a journal where I had a flowery background....
and tried faces more in the style that was taught.
Using shading that was suggested...
blues, yellows and greens in the face...
and I even used purple!

I love how these little faces turned out!

 It was a really valuable exercise.
Thank you Mindy!

So there you have it.
Life Book Lesson 12
offered by Mindy Lacefield.
Here is a bonus to Life Book....
you get to take classes from a variety of artists
 and you discover which ones you can really learn from and enjoy.
I will happily take a class from Mindy in the future!
The way she painted was just so natural.
I could learn a lot!
Be Brave!
Try something new!

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  1. I love how much you are learning, Janet! Thanks for sharing