Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Recent Quilts

I have been very busy these last few weeks.....
It's Block of the Month (BOM) time once again.
This is from Sue Spargo's BOM program and it is named Earth & Twig.
Aren't they lovely?
These are customer quilts, and if I have 2 in my studio at the same time,
I load them together by stitching the backings to each other.

Same... but Different.

This is a local customer I have who seems to give away every quilt she makes.
She has a huge heart and is a wonderful, sweet lady.
I really enjoy quilting feathers.

And then my last 2 customer BOM's before I leave on retreat.... 
Here they are in progress.

Carol replaced a cat for the eagle. A very personal touch!

A real 'cotton tail'!

I love this crow!

Some of the embellishments will be hard to quilt around!
 This next one will be started today.
When I am done with the periwinkle colored thread on Carol's,
I will roll the quilt forward to the next backing
and begin the same periwinkle on this one.
I will go back and forth with the different thread colors
until they are both complete.
 Because Tanya's BOM has simpler embellishments...
and I love to do feather quilting....
I think I might try to include feathers in her background.
Hmmmm...... we'll see.
Happy Spring!!!!


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous! I had an opportunity to take a class from her this year and it was soooo much fun! Your quilt is lovely!

  2. Wonderful quilting. Do you line them up side by side or one below the other?

    1. Up and down seem to line up better than next to each other. Thanks for looking!

  3. Your quilting is exquisite! Can you please get in touch with me via email. I would be interested in having you custom quilt a couple of quilts for me.

  4. You Blow me away Girlie! In honour of your amazingness I have now awarded you "the Liebster Award" Please Check out my latest blog post and Pay it Forward... grin!

  5. I just caught up on reading your posts. You are AMAZING!!! and....I miss you SO SO much!!!!