Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Daily...and a Quilt

Springtime in Ohio is fabulous!
New Growth. New Life.  Lovely.
There was a sea of tulips at my father in law's home.
Just beautiful. 
I used a glaze pen as a mask on the tulip leaves.
It gave some interesting texture.

I am still on a vacation high.
Lots of happy reminders.
Alisa had shown us one method she uses to carve her stamps...
then she quickly made us each one.
I am telling you she is a sweetheart!

I carried the spiky design element over to the rest of the spread.

Yes. Yes. Yes.
While in Tillamook I found a Celtic Coloring Book made by Mind Ware.
I love the intricacy of Celtic designs.
They totally confuse me and fascinate me, at the same time.
I can only draw the simplest ones...
which prompted me to buy this coloring book to study it. 
So I admit the seahorse is not my own......

My favorite thing about my Daily
is the blending of colors and pens and markers.
Every tool has a different blending quality.
It is all experimentation.
Fun Fun Fun! 


What inspired this page is a quilted piece I just finished for a customer.
I have mentioned many times how I adore
my wool applique teacher, Sue Spargo.
She is motivational and inspirational and challenging.
And she has a worldwide following of stitchers.
I quilt for Sue and many of her students.

I quilted this small hanging of a flower from a gal a couple states over.
She made this Sue Spargo design in a workshop or from a kit.
It was a fun little piece.
I went for whimsical in my quilt approach.
And then I pulled out my own similar flower.
I treated mine as a stitch sampler.
I love the rich texture all the stitches provide.

I couldn't even tell you all the names of the stitches.
I look in the how to book ....and just do them.

I stitched this 3 or 4 years ago.
It has been a valuable reference for me.
Sometimes I just like to rub my hand over it!
The texture is fabulous!
Fun Stuff!
Happy Creating Everyone!


  1. Oh my Janet!!!!! As much as a sit and stare at your daily pages all the time, this stitching took my breath away! I am in LOVE with it!!!! I wish we could just sit in rocking chairs next to eachother and stitch away together!!!!

  2. I love your work, such beautiful colors. I also love Sue Spargo, your quilt is just stunning! I took a class from Sue this year and it was amazing! I only wish I had more time to pursue my love of art and quilts.

  3. "Just an average woman" indeed. I think you're pretty spectacular, and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing what you do! P.S. may I have permission to pin this last photo to my textile inspirations boards on Pinterest, with a link back to your blog here?

  4. P.S. My art group is really curious about the glaze pen you used in the tulip painting. Do you have info on the brand? Thanks!

    1. Thank you for the kind compliments! Honestly! I am an average woman...Who loves doing what I do! Which makes me passionate.... So thank you. Go ahead and pin with my link, and if you can mention it is a Sue Spargo pattern, that would be great! Concerning the Glaze pens...hmmm. Do you have a Joann Fabrics near you? Hobby Lobby? They come in a pack of 10 or 12 colors. They are made by Sakura I think.Amazon carries them too. They are kind of glossy and I used the green as a resist, with markers blended over them and wiped off the glaze pen. It's fun to experiment with them. Happy Arting to you. Wish you lived close by so I could join your group!

  5. Beautiful pages...I am just gazing in awe! Came over seeing your flowers, but, the pages are all wonderful and the quilting is amaaazing!!

  6. Love your art journal and your quilted flower is devine.

  7. What wonderful journaling! I am amazed at how you take such different areas (art journaling and quilting) and blend them seamlessly!

  8. Your work is amazing! The stitch sampler is gorgeous. Looking forward to more of your beautiful work!

  9. My goodness you are one talented lady! I can hardly believe my eyes at ALL of the above...your stitching, your "days" and the gorgeousness of the first pic. I love how you have meshed all the different arts together to create such stellar beauty!!! lovies, samara

  10. Loving the quilt and your fleet/stitched version - great creative works.