Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vacation Daily

I packed my bags and headed west.
I was attending an art retreat and a reunion with friends on the Oregon Coast.
I packed my art bag full of pens and markers and my trusty Daily.

I had a lot of fun with watercolors and seashells,
thanks to Alisa Burke.
I opened up my Daily and worked in it during class,
 alongside the watercolor paper and exercises Alisa gave us.

We spent an afternoon on the beach with our plastic pails and supplies.

A great story! But what happens at Seaside stays at Seaside!
This spread was fun to do.
These are all images and things that reminded me
of the activities we did and the town we stayed in.

The Saltwater Taffy rimming my medallion started the whimsy on the page.
I don't know what possessed me, because I am usually not a taffy eater,
But I bought some hot cinnamon flavored taffy
and found it irresistable!
I went back for more towards the end of our stay! 

I thought I would try a self portrait, titled: happy@seaside
Jen thought it looked like me.

It was a lot of fun doing my Daily while on vacation.
Lots of different kinds of inspirations than what is normal.
Lots more time for art,
and people to do it with, thanks to my girls!


  1. Just caught on the posts of your trip. What a wonderful time you must have had!!! Your artwork, as usual, amazes me!!!!!!

  2. I love your artwork, particularly the colours and how you arrange them. Do you take watercolours for the background or markers?
    Your art retreat seemed to be great.

    1. Jorin, I do use some watercolors. But most of the time I use markers. If you use a waterbrush, or even water and your fingers, you can blend the lines and colors so it looks like watercolor paint. Another of my favorites is the Neocolor II crayons, because they can be used in so many different ways to look like texture or paints. It's all in the experimentation! Thanks for the look! Happy Arting to you wherever you are!