Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oregon Coast

What a wonderful Brave Girl reunion.
I met some ladies last June and we have become good friends.
There's something about connecting with like-minded souls....

Eight of us got together (out of 15) in Portland, Oregon
and drove out to the coast. Seaside, Oregon.
It's the area they filmed the movies Goonies and Twilight.
It was absolutely Gorgeous.
Amazingly Gorgeous!
We stayed in two condos right on the beach.
Pretty spectacular views!
Four of our number attended an art retreat. (stay tuned...)
We all ate together at night and just generally hung out and had fun.
Early morning beach combing.
Walks through town.
Drives over to Cannon Beach and Indian Beach.
Wow and Wow!

I realize as I went through my photos at home....
I didn't take enough pictures!

I loved Haystack Rock.
We had some beautifully mild weather.
The locals said we were really lucky. 

By Monday we were down to 5 members and we did some fun stuff. 

Then the last few days it was just me and Jen.
We drove down the coast and found a couple quilt shops.
We stumbled upon the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center.
Really Nice. If I lived close by I would be a member of it.
We saw many quilt blocks painted onto local buildings.
It is called the Tillamook County Quilt Trails.
Colorful and Fascinating!
And of course Tillamook is known for their Cheese Factory!
Those squeeky cheese curds were delicious!

On the way back to Portland to catch my flight
we stopped in the Tillamook State Forest
 and wandered along the Wilson River a bit.
Crisp and clear.
Jen said when the fish are running the place is packed. 

Almost to Portland.... What a view!
I live in flat Ohio.
Well... we might have a few rolling hills...but still!
To see this every day...or hear the ocean waves every day.
God's Earth is incredible!
Every place has their pros and cons.
The Oregon Coast is beautiful but it was nice to come home.


  1. I love your post Janet! I am so glad that you were able to stay a few extra days here in Oregon! Dee and I miss you bunches! xo

  2. Love, love love!!!!
    So sorry to have missed all the fun, but I sure enjoy the photos.

  3. Great pictures--fun to read and look at...heading back to Oregon in 17 days! Yippee!!!