Thursday, June 27, 2013


I included the truth card I received from Jen on this spread.
I love this swap we are doing!
I love receiving artwork from all my Brave Girl sisters!
This time I photocopied it onto regular old paper
and mod podged it down.
Then I went over the lines and emphasized some colors...
and then smeared it all by accident.
(insert sad face here)

I wanted to commemorate the lightning bug display
we see from our deck most nights.
There are thousands upon thousands of blinks
every minute out in our side meadow.
It is incredible! 
Kelly was here this weekend and we had a blast!

I did a lot of this page alongside of Kelly.
We stamped the sunflower (from Stampin' Up) and painted it.
The letter stamps are from a Mickey Mouse Stamp Set I bought.
They are the best letters ever!
And we doodled our hearts out.


I saw a similar hand drawing in a newspaper
And my favorite mug just jumped right up into it. 

Kelly brought her Gelli Plate
and I experimented a bit with it.
Can you believe I don't have one of my own?
Shocking, I know.
It was fun to I know to put it on my wish list now!
Happy Arting to you all!
Go out and soak up a little sun
and Thank God for the rain!
The farmer's fields are finally starting to green up!


  1. Love love that coffee mug, omg, it is so dodly good!!!! and all your journal pages inspire me to draw more, always. xox

  2. Your pages are full of colour, and fun, and joy, and doodles. They make me smile and feel good inside.

  3. Lovely journal pages and truthfully, the smearing looks as if you meant to do it, looks great.