Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Super Moon Art Weekend

My sweet niece, Kelly,
drove up last weekend
solely for the purpose of making art.
Bonuses included a relaxing fire and the super moon.
Kelly's collage.
Kelly's collage.
I am so proud of Kelly.
She is so open to learning and growing
 and being the best she can be.
The weekend was a blessing for her...
A vacation!
Just as good as any spa or resort!
Her husband and her two boys stayed home
and we did Art projects till we were exhausted! 

The top art is mine and the bottom is Kelly's.

Inside Kelly's Daily Book
Inside Kelly's Daily Book
Inside Kelly's Daily Book
So far, Kelly has only worked on a small scale,
inside her Moleskine Daily.
We will work on making a bigger art journal
when we get together in early August.

 But her work is absolutely wonderful
no matter what the size.
What a great weekend!
Share your passions with the ones you love today!

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  1. Fantastic and it looks like you had quite the creative fest. xox