Thursday, July 18, 2013


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What a busy week this was!

I might not have gone on this fishing trip...
except that all my family was going to be there
so YES I was going!
I will treasure every moment. 

It was wonderful.
Sitting on the porch
making friends with the birds and the squirrels.
And the mosquitos! 

I used a StencilGirl stencil here....
Squiggles 6 by Terri Stegmiller.
It was kind of accidental, and I will write a post on that later....
While at the fishing cabin, 
two of my girls joined me on the porch
experimenting with stencils and markers.
Squiggles was an organic shape that worked well here.
It was fun!
More later!


And so ends my Daily # 8.
This book traveled with me to South Dakota,
Indiana and New York.
I love capturing those memories in this unique way!


  1. Hello Janet! I just stumbled onto your blog from pinterest. I love your art journal. So bright and cheerful. What kind of paper/journal is it? I am inspired to do a daily art journal myself. Thanks!

    Another Janet!

    1. I use a Moleskine Watercolour Journal. The 5 x 8 -ish one. One book lasts about 2 months. I encourage you to try it. Find your voice!

  2. Swirls, dots, paisley, stencils? - Swoon my heart is going pitter patter over your work my make it look so simple and it is so heart ful. xox

  3. Oh so lovely again. I wish I could flick through your gorgeous journals in person.