Monday, August 12, 2013


August will be quite a travel month for me.
Kicking it off is a long family weekend at the state park. 
Notice the great edge of stenciling?
Lots of texture!

Lots of card games and water fun.
Canoeing and golfing.

Some good news was announced!


Next is a business trip I was able to tag along.

There was some great architectural inspiration.

And of course I included a fun spot of Seth Apter's stencil!
Happy August everyone!


  1. Gorgeous pages, love those turquoises. Your business man is so serious! but your architectural goodies are swell. See ya soon. xox

  2. Great to see my stencils in action. Thanks Janet!!

  3. You were in Toronto! So close to Kingston! If you do get to Kingston - Let me know! I would love to meet you!