Monday, August 5, 2013


Sometimes I buy a stencil for the shape and design possibillities
and other times I buy a stencil for the background possibilities.
Mini Basket Weave Stencil M009
by Mary Beth Shaw
makes a great textural background.

I started the spread with Neocolor II crayons
daubed on the stencil around the side and bottom edges
and then walked away for awhile.
When I came back to it later.... it just called out to me
 to plant morning glories there.
They make me smile!
I started this spread with the Layered Salad Stencil S111
by Terri Stegmiller.
I just used the swirl part on the bottom edge.
If it is layered salad...
 maybe those are supposed to be the tomatoes!?!

Happy Anniversary (July 29) to my daughter and son in law!

 Last day of July......
Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter Amy.
My second born.
She came into this world exactly one year and two weeks after her sister.
What a joy they were!
It was not easy having them so close in age.
I know a LOT of people do it though...and everyone gets through it!
When they were infants I used to daydream
how it would be when they were one year old and two years old...
Then 2 and 3...
Then 0, 3 and 4....
Their baby brother had arrived!.
Then it was 1, 4 and 5....
And 2, 5 and 6...
You get the picture....
They are great kids! 
Now, though, they are 25, 28 and 29!

Amy wanted red velvet cake.
I just got Seth Apter's new stencils in the mail last week! 
Wow! There are so many possibilities!
Numbers Stencil L184
I used the one design element around the edge of the page.
I wonder what he was thinking when he designed it.

The whole stencil fascinates me.
I turned my journal page over and used another one...
....all together.....
I am heading out to a family reunion anyways,
 so we will all be together!
Treasure every moment!


  1. Doodles and whorls and red velvet cake oh my! xox

  2. Stencils stencils everywhere! I love it and YOU!

  3. Love how you used the stencils here Janet!