Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Daily From Vermont

Done traveling...
Back to normal ....whatever normal is!
Lots of Daily pages to catch you up on.
These were from the time I spent in Vermont.

But it starts with some lace I saw in Toronto.....
That is how this page began.
A pencil sketch..... and then outlined in color
and the pencil lines erased.

I cannot stress how awesome Jane Davies is.
She was an incredible teacher.
I am a big Fan! 

The house Lynn and I stayed in had 5 cats.
We never did learn "Morris's" name...
(is that grammatically correct?)
But he always leaned towards us so we could scratch his neck.
Therefore, this cat is leaning. 
The other charming thing about Elizabeth's house
is the chickens displayed all over her walls and shelves.

The learning in this class was sometimes overwhelming.
Jane has a lot of 'Art Wisdom' and advice.
I totally welcomed it! Loved it even!
It was intense!
But there were times I had to withdraw my head from it.
Sometimes I had to sit at my table and just doodle mindlessly.
I also sketched these Golden Paints sitting in front of me.
I fell in love with the beautiful transparent colors of the fluid acrylics.
I should have sketched my brayer too...
because the 2" brayer is my new best friend!

Happy Anniversary to my husband of 33 years!
Can you believe it?
33 years! Wow!
What a great guy!
He didn't mind me being gone for our anniversary.

What an encouraging art retreat!
The Best Advice and Inspiration anywhere!
Did you notice the two StencilGirl Stencils
I used in this last spread?
Andrew Borloz's Crossed Rounds and Squares
and Jessica Sporn's Hands Stencil
Life is good!


  1. Loving it and so glad I got to see them in person. Sweetest ever kitty. xox

  2. I always love your posts so much, when I see you have sent one, I immediately go to that email first to see what you have posted....I think you should consider doing an online course for your journals, it seems like others are interested in that too since you are going into more detail how you do your pages. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pages!!!!!

  3. Thanks Cindy! That is a huge compliment! Maybe someday!

  4. Love your daily! Wonderful pages. Colors are fantastic! I know what you mean about the red & green but yours does NOT come across Christmasy at all. You mastered it!