Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Daily From CREATE

Hello Again!
More catch up on my Daily while I was in Chicago at CREATE.

I have to admit the green and red color scheme
was inspired by the Jane Davies class last week
where we thought about opposites.
But I didn't want it to be Christmas-y.
I have thought alot about what Jane said these last couple weeks.

I took 2 classes with Sue Pelletier on Wednesday.
Wow Is She ever Fun and Creative!

I am really in love with Jessica Sporn's
Hands Stencil from StencilGirl!

Greek Key Stencil by MaryBeth Shaw.
I really changed it around, but that stencil is the base of that border!

This pattern was inspired by my hotel room's carpet.
It was a simple grid pattern that I ended up just playing with.
That is really what my Daily is all about for me.
It is Playing.
Playing with Colors, Patterns, Designs, Motifs....
It's all about playing and learning and fun. 
I Love My Job!
Can it really be just one year ago today
that my boy got married to a wonderful girl?
I am so happy for them.
I am really happy with this color combo of browns, greens and blues. 

Mini Tower Stairs Stencil by MaryBeth Shaw.
Perfect for a border.

I borrowed a stencil from one of my art friends
one morning while we were hanging out.
Pseudo Square Stencil by Andrew Borloz.
I just wanted to try a stencil I didn't own.

The Crackle Stencil by Nathalie Kalbach
was used to give texture to my number 27.
I can see a lot of possibilities for this stencil!
All caught up.
I love traveling!
But I hate being gone from home.
It will be good to get back into a routine.
Life is good!


  1. I see your finished your border page, yum yummy. Love Jessica's hands reaching out everywhere and your wing sketch behind the word Create......xox

  2. How lucky am I that I got to be there with you during the time you journaled about. AMAZING pattern! Love you!

  3. I found you today by facebook and I have to tell you I think your journal is fabulous .I am so inspired after reading this post. Thank you so much for sharing.
    susan salyer

    1. Thank you so much Susan. We all inspire each other, don't we? Happy Arting to you!