Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stencil Test Drive Featuring Jessica Sporn

Welcome to another Stencil Test Drive
featuring the Hands Stencil L179
by Jessica Sporn.
I have always had a 'thing' about hands.
Hands are frequently a design element in my Daily.
And if you know me...
You know I am ALL about my Daily.
I use my Daily to play in... but as a bonus....
It is a chronicle of my life.
An illustration of the world around me.
My own version of 'Project Life'.
What better place to describe and illustrate our family reunion last month.
Family is important....
So here is my Family Tree.
Jessica's hands are perfect for this. 
I hope years from now my kids will look back on this spread
and remember those connections
and smile at the memories.
But I didn't stop there!
Also in my Daily.....
My hand traced alongside smaller hands
and some appropriate song lyrics!

And in my TEACH Journal......
I want to be able to show students how to incorporate
stencils with their own art and journaling.
In this spread I took Jessica's hands and applied them three ways.

I also took a section of a Maria McGuire stencil called
Stitch a Greek Border Stencil L198
and played with some of the elements....
Adding and subtracting.....

This is my favorite!  
These hands can probably be adapted to hold just about anything!
So let's give a hand to Jessica Sporn
for coming up with this incredibly versatile stencil!
(har har har)
I will be using these hands many times over!
 Now go see what the other Hop Artists did with this stencil!
  And be sure to leave a comment here
because Jessica is giving away a Hand Stencil to one lucky winner,
and EVERY comment in the test drive will be eligible to win. 
The more times you comment,
the more chances you have to win!
Thanks for visiting!
Happy Arting!


  1. oh my goodness where to start!?! Your family tree is amazing! I love all the different ways you used the hands, and your doodling is so cool, and I LOVE that lyric! Beautiful work!

  2. Wow! You must really love that new stencils, lots of lovely makes.

  3. Oh love them all, but Family Tree is amazing. xox

  4. I am continually amazed by your creativity, both with stencils and without. I had seen this stencil, but could not envision a lot of uses, mainly because I only thought of using it all of it at once. You've given us some great examples of how to take individual elements of it and weave them into layouts. Thanks!

  5. Your hand tree took my breath away!

  6. This is awesome...your work is some of my favorite:) These hands are awesome!

  7. You've got so many wonderful ideas, but I too like the last one best. That stencil is fabulous!!!

  8. That hand tree is just so fabulous. What a beautiful and meaningful way to memorialize your family gathering. And the other photos - just breathtaking! Love what you've done on this test drive. Thanks so much for being a part of it.

  9. Great projects - I especially like the hand tree!

  10. love your pages, so full of life and representative, you're great!

  11. LOVE your family tree ! What a great idea to use the hands that way.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely art work.
    Hugs from SPAIN

  12. GORGEOUS! I hope to art journal like you one day! :)

  13. I love what you have done with the hand stencil!!! Great use - I see the potential now. Love the Greek Key stencil - its b/c of your use of this that I ordered it this week - I can't wait to use it! Thanks.

  14. I am so in love with your work! I am consumed by your Teach and Daily books. I'd like to do something with the stencil about 'helping hands'.

  15. Your use of the hands with the kids names is great. thanks for the chance to win this awesome stencil.

  16. really fantastic projects! Oh how I LOVE your family tree!!

  17. loving all your projects. The Family Tree is so fun!! Love your colors. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win. Janelle Rourke

  18. What a wonderful idea for a family tree!
    Something great to keep for each generation!

  19. Look at that TREE!!!!! EVERY time I look at the next photo I say no, that's my favorite--seriously you AMAZE me all the time! :)

  20. All three are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Great projects with the hands! Love the stencil and the many ways it can be used!

  22. Your artwork is so amazing!! Love how you incorporate your zentangles with it! You have inspired me!! Every single one of your projects was great, made me look at your other articles and was mesmerized by them!

    Carmen L

  23. OMG! I can see how addictive this stencil can be! VERY cool journal pages!

  24. oooooh I love what you made here... it feels like a family!

  25. I am in love with your pages! Thanks for the inspiration. Be Blessed

  26. Awesome stencil and I love how you used all the different hands. I too, am a hand lover! I would love to have that stencil to play with in my journal!