Monday, September 23, 2013


I combined two stencils for this medallion.
Stitch a Greek Border Stencil L198 by Maria McGuire
and Primary Secondary Tertiary Stencil S115 by Pam Carriker. 
Here I used another Maria McGuire stencil,
just the middle section of it....
Stitch a Greek Medallion Stencil L190
The border (below) is also the middle flower of the medallion stencil. 
I was in the mood for red and turquoise on this one.
It started with Seth Apter's Unfinished Stencil L185
which I aptly doodled right over. 


Happy Arting Today! 


  1. As usual Janet--AMAZING pages :) Thanks for using my stencil too! Love you!

  2. A little peace sign, some total beauty and some wings....I am ready to fly just seeing your journals. xox

  3. Your pages are always amazing. Love your style. I feel honored that you used my stencil here too!

  4. Love your pages! Your journaling book is the perfect size - who makes it?

  5. wow wow. I love it. Fantastic colors. Who could resist writing in this book?