Saturday, October 5, 2013

Daily Number 10

Time for a new Daily Journal.
I love starting a new one!
I had made this cover earlier this summer
 when my niece came for a visit.
This is my last Moleskine.
I am trying a Strathmore Journal next.
Approximately the same size but thicker watercolor paper!

Okay... my postman brings me all kinds
of vintage papers, stamps, cigar wraps, etc.
I feel very fortunate! He is a great guy!
So instead of just looking at the piles of them...
I made a front cover page of them.

These are from Jessica Sporn's Hand Stencil L179.

 Here is the opening spread in my Daily #10.

Have a great week friends.
Happy Arting!


  1. Love it all of course, you know thst but the snake like stitch ribbon across the bottom just carries the whole flow. Fab stamps! xox

  2. OOOh My !! I love this "10" journal !! How did you made the cover ??? With encautic wax ? what sort of item do you use to make arrows ?? I love it SO MUCH !!! Thanks for helping me :P