Thursday, October 31, 2013


You thought I had disappeared I bet!
I have been so busy with customer quilts
that I have been lax in my blogging.
Time to catch up!


I used a stencil here but it blends in to the design so well...
The stencil, by Terri Stegmiller, is called Bullet Holes.
It makes a great center for a flower or medallion.

I grabbed a magazine and found a photo of a guy with intense eyes. 
He was the beginning of that spread, it just grew from there.
I love how he turned out.
I used washi tape on this spread too.

Happy Arting!


  1. Happy arting ondeed. Wow, I just love with you did woth Teri Stegmillers stencil and your guy is over the top. xox

  2. Your pages are so colorful and active :) The man with swirls coming from his head is pure genius, great job! thanks for sharing.


  3. I know how it is some weeks are just so busy with other things. I did miss your art posts. I just love to see your beautiful creative pages.
    May God bless your time!

  4. Hi there! I've recently discovered your blog. Your Dailies journal entries are very detailed and inspiring! I was wondering what your process is. Do you use watercolor for your main fills and then markers over for details?

    1. Hey. Thanks for looking! I do most of my pages in markers and all kinds of pens. I am a finger blender! I only occasionally use watercolors...and then it would be Neocolor II's or Twinkling H2O's or Peerless Watercolors. And then it would only be in spots. Pens don't always work on top of watercolor paints.... If it looks like watercolor paint it is probably markers that I blend with my fingers... I do have a post where I go through my process... ...but every page is different! Thanks for looking!

    2. Thanks for the insider tips! All of those pens look like a pile of fun! I'll be sure to keep following your work. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Love the 'thought-tentacles' coming out of the guy's head. I feel like that sometimes :)