Saturday, November 2, 2013


This page started with the hand stamps.
I have a thing about hands.
This particular hand stamp is from
the Stampin' Up! Morning Post Alphabet stamp set.

The words THIS WAY came next....
And the arrow....
And then the puppet.....

Happy Birthday to my son in law.
I asked my daughter (his wife) what he might like
on his 'birthday page' and she reminded me
how much he loves Lord of the Rings.
So Gandalf it was!

When I was in art school...
(yes, I am an art school drop out!)
I used a calligraphy text book that I often
pulled out and copied different lettering styles.
For nostalgia's sake, I dug it out to get inspiration
for the above THIS WAY...
When I opened the pages,
a tracing paper drawing of this folk art flower design fell out....
I could use that... 

Have a great week!
Happy Arting!


  1. Love looking at your journals!!!

  2. I'm your puppet....Teach me to letter???? Have a wonderful time next week. xox

  3. I love your current art and your amazing find too!