Friday, December 6, 2013


Have I mentioned how much I love this
Butterfly Duo Stencil by Maria McGuire?
I know that I just ysed it a few weeks ago...
but I couldn't resist!

Do you notice a second stencil underneath the butterfly?
I want to get better at combining stencils.
Using a single motif from the Medium Damask Stencil
by Michelle Ward...
I stenciled a yellow flourish and doodled a little bit around it...
Then placed the butterfly over it.

I enjoyed the damask flourish so much
I wanted to use it again.
Damask Medium Stencil by Michelle Ward.
This time I used some sprays

I had a wet and messy stencil, full of blue spray.
Instead of wasting the color....
since it is my favorite...
I pressed the upside down stencil onto the second side of the spread.
See how it is reversed? 
So one side I doodled heavily and the other side
I left simple and beautiful.
Hey, it all works for me!
Happy Arting my Friends!


  1. Thank you AGAIN.....just beautiful!!!!

  2. wow~!!~you have a beautiful blog and i have enjoyed seeing your exuberant, colorful art journaling pages.
    i would like to get better at mixing stencils too and you have inspired me.


  3. I love this journal and the pages that you are creating!!

  4. So amazingly intricate and lovely, Janet!
    I am such a fan of your journal pages and all their patterns and colors!!

  5. Pretty butterfly and I love how you re-used the wet stencil...I like to do that too hate to waste all that spray and it makes for such a subtle background. xox

  6. So so beautiful!! You are so talented.