Monday, December 9, 2013


The number 25 started this page...
and then the face appeared.
It became bright and graphic.

It's the week before Thanksgiving here
and I have lots to do before the family holiday.
Just a few deadlines!

Early next year there is a Kae Pea Blog Hop
so I was playing with one of her mini stencils.

Happy Thanksgiving!
It was a wonderful family event.

Lots to be Grateful for!

A view out the sunroom window.

The kids played a wild game of Spoons on Thanksgiving.
The Joker card had this king riding a bicycle on it,
so it is not an original design....

Happy Arting!


  1. Love that face, and your feathers and your king riding his bicycle. xox

  2. This is so pretty. Love al the colors. What journal do you use for your hournaling?
    Liefs, Melanie

  3. The Joker is hilarious, I love your queen because you are the QUEEN of the daily!

  4. I absolutely love this!!! Everything is so beautiful!