Saturday, February 15, 2014

Daily #12

Yay! Book #12!
You might recognize the cover art
 from the Xyron Hop StencilGirl participated in.
I used glue dots and tape for dimension.

My inside cover art....
Thanks to my mail carrier for passing me old stamps and ephemera 
he gathers from estate sales and auctions.
I will miss him when he retires!
What a great guy!

The feather is an Alisa Burke stamp! 

This might look familiar from 
a StencilGirl Hop with Rubbermoon Stamps.
No it's not the one I hopped with....but similar
If you know me by now, 
you know I usually make more than one of everything!
It's the DOING of it that I learn the most.....

The StencilGirl stencil in the background is designed by Kae Pea,
who is also the owner of Rubbermoon Stamps.

Do you recognize the kiwis from the February StencilClub stencils?

Yes, I was sitting in a doctor's office waiting room.
Great chairs, huh?
You can practice art anywhere!!!!
That's it for now!

Happy Arting! 

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  1. Don't think we will be sitting in your cute lawn chairs any time soon. Love your medallions on day 23. xox