Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recent Quilts

You know I am a big fan of Sue Spargo Designs.
Sue is a wildly successful, internationally known quilt artist.
Her Block of the Month program is huge.
This Birds of a Feather quilt is the 2013 BOM.
I will probably be doing several of these in the upcoming year.
When I do duplicates of the same quilt top...
I stitch the backings together 
(since they are the same size and I use the same colored threads)
and load them onto my longarm machine.
Once the background quilting is done on both tops
I can roll them back and forth and do the finishing details.

Here is an example of the same bird from each of the different makers.
Similar....but different. 

I bet you are wondering if I ever 
get them mixed up and don't know which belongs to who???
Good Question!
As soon as they come into my house I pin a name tag on each part.
I keep a name tag pinned on each quilt the whole time it is here.
Yes, that would be a nightmare getting them mixed up!

The one on the left is Midge's and the right is Andrea's. 
Or is it the other way around? LOL
I hope you are being creative today!


  1. Janet they came quilted out beautifully! Did you use wool batt on them?

  2. Janet they are just beautiful. You are amazing, the creative energizer bunny! I just love the blog.

  3. Amazing, those felts really do make the colors pop. xox

  4. Janet, where do you fine the time! You are truly an amazing artist

  5. Wow! What nice pieces--so colorful with unique images.