Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Snow Anyone? 
This is the snowiest winter I remember in a LONG time!
Many days worth of below zero temperatures, too.
Ahhhhh.... oh well......
This is life! 

This spread started with the center circle and leaves...
Maybe because I am looking forward to Springtime!
The birds have been real active in the cornstalks along the driveway.
They are probably tired of this freezing cold winter too!

I ordered a FitBit this winter to motivate myself to move more.
So far its okay. I know that I lead a pretty sedentary life.
I can walk a mile in my house easily. 
 I took 10,000 steps on Friday January 31! Yay Me!

Blue Jays don't usually come too close to our house.
The trees in our yard aren't too big yet.

The darling little houses stamp is from Rubbermoon Art Stamps.
I joined the

The RubberMoon Mail Club

where every month they send an exclusive stamp and some Happy Mail.
I cut a little running man from the end of an eraser 
to run through my little neighborhood!
The deadline for joining in 2014 is real soon...
check it out HERE.

The texture on my number thirty is from a dandelion stencil 
from February's StencilClub collection. 

Fun stuff!
That's all for now!
Happy Arting!


  1. puppies and sunflowrs. well that makes my day....xox

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