Saturday, April 5, 2014


I had the urge here to use red and turquoise together.
One of my favorite combos. 

There is a clock face stencil designed by Carolyn Dube
in the April StencilClub stencils.
This is a sneak peek! 
Put A Bird On It!
Did you watch Portlandia?
That is where the phrase became "famous".
It was also the DLP challenge for week 11

I wasn't feeling too great during this time frame.
I don't know if it was the weather changes...
60 degrees one day with 10 degrees the next day...
or just some virus working through me....
the headache and the sore throats...
Yuk. I am glad I am feeling better now.

I was drinking a lot of smoothies and taking naps.

I love the opaque inky black of this number fourteen
with the polky dots.
I love how it jumps out.

 Happy Arting!
Do Something Creative Today!


  1. just got the first couple of pages in the comp book glued and gesso can't wait to put stuff in it I so want a clock stencil love your pages thanks for sharing

  2. Wow! You make the most AMAZING art even when you're not feeling well!!
    LOVE the look of the cherry blueberry smoothie page! Want one now! :)

  3. Your dailies seriously make me so darn HAPPY when I see them. I adore red and turquoise together and the bird is my favorite!!!!

  4. All that red an turquoise just popped right out at these pages, fantastic bird....xox

  5. You do magic in your daily journal!!

  6. I love your turquoise and red page and your beautiful doodled bird. :)