Thursday, April 10, 2014

Documented Life Project

Here is my Week 13 of the Documented Life Project.
The DLP challenge was announced on Saturday at noon.....
someone else was to start a drawing and we were to finish it.

I immediately wanted to use some of my kid's artwork.
But my kids are all married and live in different cities.
No worries! I have a whole drawer full of their artwork
from when they were younger. 
Awwww. I am so glad I saved these.

I am thrilled to have these included! 
I reduced the sizes on the photocopy machine to all fit on the inside of the flap.

On Sunday morning I handed my book to a sweet little gal (70+) in Bible Class
and she said she would draw me an ugly face!
No Way!!!
It turned out darling!

(I showed Mary the next week and she was so pleased with how it turned out!)

On the outside of the flap I used a new StencilGirl Stencil
Go Here to see the blog post on that.

 The challenge for Week 14 was to write our name and embellish it.
I cut my name out of painted and inked up deli paper.
I played with colors and patterns.
I used a dictionary and graph paper stamps for the underneath layers,
as well as washi tape and Crystal Lacquer and a
variety of pens and markers.

I used a tag with my name on it I received in 2012 for my flap.
The lace on the edge was already attached.

And I love the little free spirit horse and winged heart.
I repeat my favorite motifs alot!

My traced hand is also something I repeat often.
When I was first learning to express myself through art journaling....
There were times I had no idea what direction to go.
So I would trace my hand and do art around it.
I decided that what seperates those who talk about being artists and
those who really ARE artists is their body of work.
I learned to just DO ART. Do Something.
Draw Something. 
Get your Hands Moving and the Colors Flowing!

Inspiration Follows.
Motivation Follows.
Productivity Follows.
Creativity Follows.

To finish it off I used the sparkles stamp from the RubberMoon Mail Club.
The sparkles were perfect.

I love doing Art!
And I love my DLP!

Happy Arting Everyone!


  1. Hi Janet. I recently joined the DLP and I'm working on some pages. I noticed that you and others fill even the weekly calendar part of the pages with color. What do you use to color those pages? Is it crayons, wc pencils, markers? I would like to color my pages, but I'm not sure what to use that won't go through to the other calendar pages. Help. Thanks. Linda E.

  2. Hi Linda! Welcome aboard the DLP train! Hahahaha..... I think everyone does it is personal preference...but I will tell you what I do. Every inch of thin moleskine paper is covered with a thin layer of gesso or mod podge or white paint or a mixture of any of those. Then pretty much any medium can go over that without bleeding through to the next page. I CRINGED when I started, afraid I was ruining the book. But it works!!!!! I like to use markers or gel pens or posca paint pens or Sharpies or Neocolor II crayons. If you DON"T want to use a gesso type of coating, then I would stick with colored pencils or gel pens that won't bleed through. Someone was saying Tombow markers don't bleed through. Other gals were saying they use the Neocolor crayons and then rub a damp baby wipe over them to blend the colors smooth. Good luck! And have FUN! I think this is a GREAT project!

    1. Thanks Janet. I will try out those ideas.....Linda

  3. OMG!! I wish I would have thought of using the kid's artwork. I have CONTAINERS of it full! What a fabulous idea!!!! I love how you incorporated them!!! Now you have me thinking....LOVING the layers on your name page. Each separate but all mess together so well :)