Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More StencilClub

Yay! It seems to be spring here in Ohio!

Yesterday I was featured on the StencilTalk Blog 
with this month's exclusive StencilClub offering.
I sampled the large 9x12 clock face stencil designed by Carolyn Dube.
I didn't want to neglect the other two stencils in the set.
The 6x6 design is light bulbs!
Three sizes of them. How cool is that?
It reminds me of the cartoon with a guy and a light bulb over his head
because he has a great idea!
Or the kids bible class song..
This Little Light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...

Well I had a great idea, too!
I used Crystal Lacquer to make my light bulb shiny with some depth.

The light bulb was perfect with this scripture.
It would be good with those song lyrics above, too....
(that I am now singing over and over again in my head!)

I want to point out all the beautiful imperfections in this page.
This artwork is on one of my extra DLP pages.
Remember it is very thin paper in the Moleskine planner.
It is gessoed and painted and colored and rubbed.
Then the Crystal Lacquer adds an even thicker and heavier layer.
Look how deliciously wrinkly it is!
I love the texture and I love how there is some transparency.
You can see through areas to the lines of the paper and the print below!
Not every piece of artwork is going to hang on your wall.
Not every page is a masterpiece! 
Sometimes the imperfections are my most favorite part!!!
The 4x4 stencil that Carolyn designed is a small alphabet.
Simple and Sweet!
I have used it many times already and
will use it many more times, I am sure!
I obviously use many words in my daily. 
Sometimes it is nice to change it up....
Handwriting, Stencils, Stamps....
A little variety! 

Thanks for looking! 
You know I am a big fan of StencilGirl...
and I love having the StencilClub Stencils at my beck and call!!!

Happy Arting!


  1. The dimensional light bulb is fantastic. I need all the light I can get. xox

  2. Love the use of the light bulb with the Scripture. The extra dimension on the bulb is a great idea. Terrific job......Linda E.

  3. are making me want to go use my lightbulb stencil RIGHT NOW!!! FABULOUS!!!!

  4. I can't wait till the mailperson delivers my lightbulb stencils. Yours designs are just to cute