Monday, May 5, 2014


I finished off my 12th Daily on March 17, 2014.
Lucky number 13 began March 18.

I had been playing around with Mary Beth Shaw's Flower of Life Stencil
and knew I wanted it on one of my Daily covers.
I used a thick, cheap brand of Gesso and a scraper thingy.  
I love the dimension it left.
Yes. I could have used a heavy Gel Medium or something like that, too.
But I use what I have... and that cheap gesso isn't good for much else than this!

 I fiddled around with the lines in the Intersections Small Stencil 
by Michelle Ward to edge the design and frame the number. 
I thought the shapes and lines of both stencils complimented each other.
The dime store numbers stencil were traced with a gel pen and markers
and became dimensional with Crystal Lacquer.
I ended up changing the colors of it many times before I was happy with the look.
Posca pens and gel pens blended over the raised finish worked just fine. 
I played with the colors...inks, paints, drips, sprays....
I sprinkled salt to give it a mottled effect in places.

When I was happy with the finished cover 
I sprayed it with Krylon Matte Finish Spray. 
I don't usually finish that way but I LOVE the way it looks.

The inside cover is a mass of doodles and pen try-outs.
It was also a test site for the Chevron Small Stencil by Andrew Borloz.
My first Daily entry in the book was previewed here.
These were January 2014 StencilClub Stencils designed by Jessica Sporn.

I am also using some April 2014 StencilClub Stencils designed by Carolyn Dube.

Happy Arting!
I hope you are doing something creative every day!


  1. Spring colors have definitely invaded your journal. A new one afoot. xox

  2. fabulous journaling as usual!! I love looking at your stuff and could get lost looking at your pages for hours!!

  3. I love seeing all the variety of colors, of textures, of drawing in your dailies!

  4. So much saturated color and yummy texture. I just love your aesthetic Janet!