Sunday, May 4, 2014


I see I have some catching up on posting my Daily pages.
I didn't think I was overextending myself when I took on the DLP in January.
My plan was to limit myself to computer time
and generally to make better choices. 
Mid March brought me to the end of my Daily #12.

The chevrons on this page were from a previous blog post

At the very back of my book I tried some different things....
I used different washi tapes and different stencils...
just trying for different backgrounds.
You know how it is to have something in your mind....
but you are not sure how to go about getting that look you want?
Mary Beth Shaw's Circle on Circle Stencil is on that I experimented with.
Another was MB's Flower of Life Stencil.

That was a great experiment because I used that idea on the cover of my next Daily.....
...which I will show you SOON!

Happy Arting!

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  1. Sweet. Love the flowers of life stencil. Looks like old fashioned wallpaper. xox