Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Hello Friends.
More Daily...comin' at ya!

The only stencil I used on these pages was Bicycle Borders by Pippin Schupbach.
Inspired by my hubby who was out on a bike ride.

Happy Father's Day to all you dads' out there!

And Flag Day...
I wasn't going to make my numbers into an candy mess again!
(See the end of the Memorial Day post!!!)

And then came our little tragedy!
Monday June 16, 2014...the house got zapped by lightning.
Thankfully we were okay.
The house....not so much.....

For days and days we kept finding more things affected....
Sunday morning of the baby shower we went downstairs to put things in the refrigerator...
something smelled! Never thought to look there. Duh.

But we survived!
Things are slowly getting replaced.
We were 6 weeks without an electronic garage door weird is that?
I really missed it!
The morning the lightning hit I saw this hand mapping
somewhere on the internet...Pinterest?
I am so glad I had it started before I went technology free!
I really enjoyed it and plan to do it more often...
Something else I really miss from this catastrophe is all the sites
I had bookmarked in my Favorites Column.
I guess I will have to discover them all over again! 

 No Computer, No TV, No Music.
The cable going into the house got split in half.
The electrician that checked our house out was suprised we were not MORE damaged.
It was kind of strange...I kept walking over to the computer without realizing it.
As the days went on I did that Less and Less!
I Really Missed my Art Friends though...
But I got a LOT done!
More quilting time, more art time!

Lesson Learned???? 
Get a Lightning Rod!
Happy Arting!


  1. Great hand pages! Love those- Janet- your daily journals are always so fun- thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your world ! ")

  2. Love the hands, and those doodle pages, wowza. xox