Monday, August 4, 2014


This is me...Catching up on my Daily posts!

It is kind of fun to mindlessly doodle in front of the television
while keeping the hubby company!

I used the June 2014 StencilClub stencils by Jamie Fingal on this page.

Happy Birthday Kelly!

Monday Morning is sometimes rough!

I can't possibly be the only one who feels like this?
Not every day...but some days!

Happy Birthday Russell!

Don't you love this bicycle????
It is a stencil! The Cruiser Side Stencil.
I embellished it a bit...and gave it a donut on the back...
Love It!

Doesn't this guy look like the farmer in Grant Wood's American Gothic?
He might not have started out that way but he ended up that way!

Happy Birthday Scott!

I met a customer in this cute little coffee shop in Kent.

Happy Arting!


  1. What a cool journal Janet! thanks for showing the details...I love the need coffee zombie dude!! And the rusty frame outside your window- I never would have thought to journal about it, but you are just journaling what you see- I love it!! again-thanks for sharing-made me smile first thing this morn ")

  2. I absolutely LOVE the way you used my stencil xoxoxoxo SO beautiful!