Wednesday, January 14, 2015


New Year...New On-Line Class....
I am taking Mary Ann Moss' Sketchbookery Class.
Have you seen her blog? Dispatch From LA?

I really love her style and was looking for something to add variety
in my own Daily Journals. 
I made four of the art journals she taught.
Oh my gosh...I am in Love!
They were so much easier than you might think....
The secret is in using the right tools! 

I used an old Reader's Digest Condensed Book.
I left the original cover because the seahorses are fabulous!

To begin with, Mary Ann is trying to get us to SEE.
Contour drawings....
Still Life's....

Okay... I did something different in my books.
Instead of all Watercolor Paper, I used a variety of paper in my signatures...
old art work, gelli plate practices, bristol board, decorative file folders, under paper....

I gessoed over some of the thinner pages (above)...
For 1) to make it sturdier and 2) to give me a better surface for markers and paint.
I like gesso! Not on Everything, but it works for me.
I will save the watercolor pages in my books for Mary Ann's lessons...

The other weird thing I did in these handmade journals
was to sew page extenders paper went farther that way.
I hate wasting good paper.

 This one I LOVE!

This is the reverse side of that sewn page above.
I gessoed the back of that decorative file folder and made it work.

Making color charts is new to me!

Because I am living in a frozen tundra right now...
seashells are the only "nature" I have access to.

I might just have to pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers next time I am out!

I will open up another SketchBookery Journal another time!

Happy Arting Friends!


  1. Love these and I probably read all of those old reader's digest books. My Mom used to get them and we both read them. Haven't thought of them in years. xox

  2. Your books are really wonderful- I like your work very much!

    Greetings from Hamburg