Saturday, February 7, 2015


Ahhh...The week of Thanksgiving....
Right around now I am wrapping up my customer quilts for the year.
I try to wind it down so the month of December can be geared toward 
family and and company....
A banner for every occasion!
I love this Vintage Camper Stencil just for the banner!

My contribution to the family Thanksgiving dinner table is homemade rolls...
I've been making them every holiday for 34 years!

This was an especially exciting Thanksgiving holiday 
because of a family wedding on Saturday.
Congratulations to my nephew and his beautiful bride!

I used this melon shape hand carved stamp from a few years ago along the bottom
because it reminded me of the feather shapes I drew on the top edge of this page.
They seemed to complement each other and the whole feel of the page.

Filling in that bottom edge with the orange color really finishes it.
I call that a successful page...some are better than others...this one I like!

I used the January 2015 StencilClub Stencils...
They are designed by Mary Beth Shaw as part of her private collection.
The small grid, from the largest stencil, I turned into kind of a mosaic.
The circles from the middle sized stencil also made an appearance here.

My December To-Do list is getting a workout!
I love crossing things off!
It makes me feel like I am accomplishing a lot!

Happy Arting!
Till next time!


  1. I like the running paintbox across the top and your cute rolls. xox

    1. It does kind of look like a paintbox Corrine! Thanks!