Thursday, February 5, 2015


What do you think? Sisters? Old Maids?

I just thought they were an interesting pair.
I can see them sitting on their front porch waving 
to Dorothy as she and Toto ride by on her bicycle.

Do you give stories to interesting characters you see 
from old photographs or magazines?

The clamshell design is a fun Stampin' Up stamp...

And if you are dying of curiousity.... 
disaster was averted when my car broke down in a busy intersection
in a busy city at a busy time of year.
No one was hurt.

Counting my blessings.


  1. Love the two of them! Looks like it's a good thing that a disaster was averted!

  2. Somehow you take two cold colors, blue and green, and achieve to show them warm by adding just a small amount of warm colors. I love the general layout of the page but am really happy to see the intricate shading/rendering you do in between. They say God is in details.

  3. Here from AJED- I love how you brightened up these somewhat serious ladies with your colors ! And thank heaven no one was hurt when your car broke down in a worst case scenario.