Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

This is one of my customer quilts I finished this week. It is a wool applique 'Block of the Month' designed by Sue Spargo. Sue is a wonderful artist who happens to live locally to me.  I am privleged to take monthly classes from Sue and as our new project evolves I will certainly give glimpses of it here :). It is so stimulating and motivating to walk into Sue's home studio/classroom and learn from her. Sue's design style is fun and whimsical. The quilt shown above is a BOM that I did not participate in.  I have quilted several for her students though. 


It is July 4th, Independence Day, and I was suprised the big chain craft store was open. I ran in for a few things. I might as well use my coupons when I can. I especially like to use these two kinds of pens, both made by Sakura. Glaze pens are kind of 3D and some nice bright colors. The Souffle' pens are a little harder to describe. They go on kind of clear and runny but dry to a nice chalky pastel color, also a bit 3D. They are nice for dark backgrounds.... which is what I did below. Again I used my Neocolor II crayons and got a nice saturated background. I dripped some india inks on it and it reminded me of flowers, so I went for it. An underwater garden.

And here are a couple I had done last month. I love the look you can get.


This is my old standby technique. Pen and Paper. You can't get any simpler than that. My pen of choice varies. This winter I found a real fine gel pen, which goes on so smooth. I haven't looked online for them and I have only found them at one store in my area. They are a Y&C Gel Stylist 0.5 and I have found them in 5 colors. I really like the smooth flow of a gel pen. The downside of these pens are they are not water resistant. I also like Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens and of course the Pigma Microns are nice too.


I hope everyone is having a safe Fouth of July. It was always my favorite holiday. We would walk down to Tuxedo Park and watch the fireworks with the Darling family. Oh, Good Times!

Here's to the Free and the Brave. :)


    Janet, your colors are amazing. Did you do the bright backgrounds in the Neocolor ll? Then the pen over it? I find if I use my watercolor crayons and then pen, I ruin my pen. I especially like the blue and yellow.

    1. Thanks Lynn! Yes. I love the neocolor II's for bright background colors. You are right...I can't use the Pigma pen or the Pitt pens .... but the Glaze or Souffle' pens do work. Have you tried them yet? We are just in the beginnings of a huge thunderstorm! I hope you are having a wonderful Fourth of July!

  2. Thanks for the tips on which pens you like to use. Your work is so beautiful so it is great to know which inks work best. There are so many out there!