Thursday, September 27, 2012

Never Too Busy

I am never too busy to have a journal page open on my table.
I listened to a podcast one evening this week.
It was offered by Create Mixed Media (.com)
and the guests were the two fellows who are the
Journal Fodder Junkies, Eric M. Scott and David R. Modler.
Theirs is one of the first websites I found
when I began researching Art Journaling online.
I loosely followed one of their prompts
and created my Worthy page.
The only thing my page has in common with their sample page
from the podcast, is they both started out with writing in the background
and they both had some type of transfer!
Mine really diverged.

 It was a very interesting podcast.
I had listened to a Jill K. Berry podcast last week
offered by the same website.
I loved it!
The internet is a world unto itself.
It's amazing what you can find there!

The background on my Queen page had been started a long time ago.
At some point I was just drawing a blank,
so I put it away awhile.
Well it finally spoke to me and I am happy with how it turned out.

 On my Queen of Quite Alot page I added this fun crown embellishment.
This week in Brave Girl Art School the class is titled 'Wear Your Word'.
One of the video sections is on polymer clay.
Melody shows you all kinds of jewelry you can make.
Its just not my style.....BUT....
I was totally inspired to make some journaling embellishments with clay.
It is not hard and took NO time at all!
I glued my crown down with E6000.
I think several glue dots might have worked too.

 And here are a few glimpses of my Dailys.

 I have been at my Dailys Every Day since Dec. 8, 2011.
It is one of the Best Top Ten things I have Ever done for myself!
I'll have to think about the other nine!
Hmmm.... maybe a journal page in my future!
Live Every Day Bravely.


  1. I love seeing your Daily pages. They are such an inspiration to me! What kinds of pens do you use most often?

    1. Amy, Thanks so much! I use a huge variety of pens and markers, inks and paints. I really like gel pens. I guess I use them mostly in my Daily Journal. There are SO many to choose from out there. I recently bought some different brands to try from Staples. I also use and love Pitt markers, Glaze pens, Souffle pens, Pigma Micron pens..... and so many more! I have markers I bought when I scrapbooked 10 years ago that I am only now using up and throwing away! My goal in my Daily is just to have fun and create! Do you do a Daily?

    2. yes, I do....thanks to YOUR inspiration. I've been following Balzer Designs for a good while now & dabbled in art journaling before....but was always too scared. Ya know, thinking I'm not really good enough, not as clever as she is. But I had just gotten a new journal right about the time I ran across your blog & YOU really inspired me to jump in there & do at least something each day. And so far, I've been keeping up each day since the first of Sept. You can check out what I've done here on my blog if you want. Look forward to getting to know you better!

  2. Love your journal pages. The colors on the queen spread were the perfect choice of colors to represent royalty! I try to watch as many of the podcasts as I can but missed this one.

  3. This is so fantastic! I love to hear where artists get their inspiration and how they make that inspiration their own! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fabulous pages! Love all your rich colors and stenciling. Are you on Facebook? You should join the group called Art Journaling for Women... very nice, supportive, creative group!