Friday, October 26, 2012

Rustic River Retreats

I spent the last five and a half days
with seven of my best quilting buddies.
Eight of us have been gathering in the fall
for the last several years.
Most of us met through Longarm Machine Quilting.
No, we don't bring our longarm machines to quilt.
We bring our regular sewing machines and sew quilt tops.
This is our first time in a new location.
I'm just gonna show you instead of tell you....
We had a gorgeous Indian Summer all week. 70 degree temps in late October. Wow!
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The Grand River is not far down the path here.
It's a nice long driveway! Some of us took a walk every day.

Ironing Boards were set up out well as the snack table.

We quilted in the 24' x 30' Event Room.
The full length windows on three sides were a dream.
It was very well lit and spacious,
a much larger workspace than our previous location.


There were 3 big lights (above) that lit the room up at night.
We had a cutting table station, ironing stations, a wide variety of music.
What more could you want?
 Oh Yeah... Food.

Besides the junk food and snacks...
some of the gals brought crockpots of soups....
or chicken salad sandwiches...
beef brisket sandwiches...
pulled barbeque chicken sandwiches....
and we visited two different wineries at two mealtimes.
All in all it was a restful quilting vacation.
No anxiety. No worries.
Can't wait to do it again next year! 



  1. What a dream week! So glad to have shared it with an amazing group of friends that are also such talented quilters. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the new location of our yearly gathering... sometimes, change IS good! :)

  2. WOW!! What a spectacular place to create. What did you make??

    1. Hey! I finished 6 baby quilt tops and the blocks made for 4 more! It was a very productive week!

  3. Looks idyllic! There's nothing like being somewhere new and beautiful to get the creative juices flowing.