Friday, January 25, 2013


The first entry in Daily #6.

I went into a Dover book:
 Decorative Patterns from Historic Sources 
(edited by James Spero)
for inspiration on the border above. 
Blue and orange caught my fancy in the next spread.

Washi tape also caught my attention.
I don't know why.


The bigger gear is a stamp I hand carved.
And my front cover spread....
I spent a few evenings watching tv with my hubby.
I don't usually do that without a pen in my hand.

I just want to give a shout out to all my kindred spirits.
You know who you are...
We inspire and motivate EACH OTHER...
it's not a one way street!
I am so thankful for other artists....
thankful for the Encouragement,
the Challenges,
the Understanding,
the Connection,
soul to soul.
It's good to be seen.
I love you all.


  1. Amazing amount of detail--seriously could look at this forever! I love Dover books! Hand CARVED looks store bought--awesome!!!! Too bad we can't sit on the couch together because that's the same thing I do :) Love You!!!

  2. Bellissimo questo journal con i suoi dettagli calligrafici , mi piacciono moltissimo anche i colori!

  3. really beautiful spreads!!!Your carved gear is fabulous too.Love what you wrote about kindred spirits-well said.Here from AJED.

  4. What beautiful pages you make Janet. Very inspiring. I like all the detail & the colours you choose, they always seem to work so well.

  5. So beautiful! Your green and blue spread is my favorite-love how the colors work with your medallion that you drew!