Sunday, April 14, 2013


I am still in love with expressing myself through art..... every day.
What a blessing it has been in my life.
Even on the busiest days...I NEED to do art.
The first weekend in April was absolutely gorgeous!
We drove down to Columbus to help Ken's sister
cut some trees down in her yard.
Most of the family was there and it was fun.
Lots of work...but fun.
A Lumberjack Party! WoooHoo!

See the inspiration? It's everywhere!
This spread was inspired by the celtic cross in the center of this border.
I have a small Celtic Crosses Sticker book from Dover Books.
I randomly picked out a sticker with a color combo that looked interesting.
I am not sure I've ever done a pink, yellow and orange page. 


I will explain this little girl in my next blog post...I promise.
It is art from my girlfriend in Texas.

Yes. If you want to be inspired to eat healthy
then definitely read that book!

I received an early Mother's Day present from my Amy and Shawn.
I had been talking with my niece, Kelly, at our Lumberjack Party
 last week about Twinkling H2O's.
I think Amy heard us and went home to order them right away!
It is the Carnival colors and they are beautiful.
Makes me want to try ALL the colors!
It was fun experimenting with them.
Layering them on top of other media.
Blending and mixing.
Thank you Amy and Shawn!
I love my family.
Do something you love today.


  1. I LOVE looking at your daily posts!!!! That's what I love to do.

  2. I know I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again! I LOVE seeing your daily journal! Your colorful pages just make me smile! And I am just honored and tickled that you included the truth card! Love and hugs, Cindy