Thursday, June 20, 2013

Daily With Big News!

I was in full swing catch up mode after vacation.
Traveling is such Joy...but it is always so good to be home!
Happy Birthday (June 19) to my father in law and my nephew!
It's nice that they share a birthday!

While out west, my husband asked me if I would ever want to drive up to Alaska.
I said Yes, of course.
How cool it would be to rent an RV to do it.
So.... ME.... who is not so keen on camping...
is actually thinking about it...
and considering it.
Maybe some day!
And then my BIG NEWS.... 

This is all new to me!
I have never been a part of a creative design team.
But I love Stencils!
My friend Lisa is hiking the Appalachian Trail this summer.
All the way through!
She is an encouragement and inspiration.
She challenged her friends this summer to
'find our own mountains to climb and conquer'.

I think trying something new like this is mine.
...The challenge and the fear....
Phil. 4:13
So there is my week!
Be Brave!


  1. Love your artwork announcing your are on the StencilGirl Creative Team!!

  2. You and Lisa are both hero's and BRAVE girls and I'm glad to say you are both my friends! LOVE how you announced your StencilGirl appointment!!!

  3. I am the NEW president of your fan club! I have been doing daily journaling in a moleskin just like yours for the past few years. I never do the covers, but NOW I want to! Don't even know what number I'm on! How can that be! I have lost my "Mojo" for a long time now, not working in my journal daily like I used to, I go back to it now and just look at it. "My life is so boring. Nothing to write" I've forgotten how fun it is to write about the everyday things. But LOTS has happened since I gave up my journaling, so I NEED to get back to it again. I like calling it a "Daily". I have spent all morning looking through your whole blog and I am truly inspired. You draw a lot in your journal, I used to but don't anymore. I need to do more of that. I'm going to Niagara Falls next week, good chance for me to really get back into the swing of things. You have given me so many great ideas! THANK YOU! HUGS!!!!
    You can swing by my blog if you like (which I haven't updated in months) and scroll backwards to see some of my journal pages Hopefully I will soon have some more things to put on my blog!

    1. HUGS backatcha!! I am so honored to be someone who helped move you forward in your art journey! Really! I know what you mean and how it feels to be an 'artist lost' !!!! And how liberating it is to express yourself through Art. I actually wanted to do more art and less writing when I started but just go with the flow now. It's a good mix. Sometimes I think I am pretty boring too.... but one of my kids say to keep doing it. They will treasure it someday. You keep going and start sharing it on your blog (I will go back to see some of your earlier stuff too)! Thanks for your encouragement!