Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vacation Daily

Technically this first spread is Pre-Vacation.
We have a large population of Eastern Bluebirds on our farm.
They are such a Joy.
They make me smile every time I see one!

So these were inspired by just looking out my work room window. 

And so starts the vacation.....
The organizing and packing and getting ready part.

I brought my art bag along filled with supplies.
I worked in the car and in the hotel.
It was alot of fun to document the trip from the passenger seat!
When the kids were little and we camped every year
we had a dedicated vacation book
where we journaled and kept track of states and animals, etc....
Since I began documenting life in my Daily
I decided to include my lists in my book.
Why not? 
Does everyone count deer?
Or Buffalo or Big Horn Sheep?
Or track license plates?

The National Parks have these stamps in their visitor centers.
Pretty Cool.

The trip was so totally amazing.
It just reminded me of our Awesome Creator.
What a blessing to witness His beautiful world!

Did I mention we visited 4 different Cabela Stores along the way?
And 1 Bass Pro Shop?

And then made it back to celebrate Father's Day
with the family.

Fun Fun Fun!
It's good to be home.
Lots of quilts to catch up on.
Step out of your comfort zone and Be Brave today!


  1. My goodness. I LOVE your journals. It's so fun to see what you are up to!

  2. You are the best doodler EVER. I wish you would do a video of one of your pages. So very inspiring!������