Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It's June already!
I had some fun with black and white. 
Happy Birthday to my sweet niece! 

 Kelly found some big erasers at her local cheapy store
and shared some with me.
I cut the big circles into quarters
and carved some patterns. 

Hmmm. My baby boy turned 25 years old on June 3.
I can't possibly be old enough to have three kids all 20-something!
Their was a birthday party at our Memorial Day Cook Out.
Alisa Burke showed this technique of how to 'artify' a B&W photo
in her on-line class, Anti Scrapbooking.
I like how it turned out.
My kids are my treasure.

Happy Arting.
Be Creative Every Day!


  1. Fantastic stamp carving, these are so beautiful. xox

  2. Your stamps from erasers look wonderful. What tools did you use to carve them?

  3. Hi Karen, I bought a lino cutter from Hobby Lobby. The big erasers are from Target. Julie Fei Fan Balzer has a GREAT online class on Stamp Making. Thanks for looking! Janet